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Quiet Time Deluxe Micro Terry Bed Taupe 52 X 586471
# F3D21362

Quiet Time Deluxe Micro Terry Bed Taupe 52 X 586471

54 USD

The Quiet Time Deluxe Micro Terry Pet Beds are the most comfortable pet beds available in the market today

Item Weight 6.6 lbs

Features: Plush, ultra-soft durable micro terry Cushioned poly/cotton base Available in 7 Sizes Sizes: 40 618: fits I-1518, CC1718DD, and 1718DT 40 622: fits I-1522DD, LS-1622 and LS-1622DD, 40 624: fits I-1524, I-1524DD, LS-1624, LS-1624DD, CC1724DD, 724UP, 1924, 1724DT and 1324TD 40 630: fits I-1530, I-1530DD, LS-1630, LS-1630DD, CC1730DD, 730UP, 1930, 1730DT and 1330TD 40 636: fits I-1536, I-1536DD, LS-1636, LS-1636DD, CC1736DD, 736UP, 1936, 1736DT and 1336TD 40 642: fits I-1542, I-1542DD, LS-1642, LS-1642DD, CC1742DD, 742UP, 1942, 1742DT and 1342TD 40 648: fits I-1548, I-1548DD, LS-1648, LS-1648DD, CC1748DD, 748UP, 1948 and 1348TD 40 654: fits 1154U Dimensions 20 L x 12 W x 12 H in

Available in 7 sizes and it is removable, and machine washable

It is made from Cushioned Poly/Cotton Base and Plush, as well as ultra-soft durable micro terry

82 100