Robbinsdale toy innovator Herb Schaper gave the world Cooties
The child’s game Cootie soon exploded — filling a void for game-playing kids under 6 who couldn’t read yet. After Schaper sold his first two dozen toy bugs on commission to Dayton’s, sales topped ...

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Movies inspired from toys and board games
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Up At Noon: Spider-Man's Far From Home Jet, Gross Switch Games, Operation: Aliens Action Figure and Avatar 2
Far From Home toy line, which hopefully isn't in the movie. Superman has a spaceship, which is also stupid, but there's an okay reason for it, but Storm in a giant mech makes zero sense. Anyway, ...

Get your game on with a revamped classic toy
TOKYO, Japan -- A classic 90's toy is coming back. Toy company Bandai America is revamping its virtual pets "Tamagotchi" for the new generation. Like the original toy, users raise a virtual pet ...

Ecr4Kids Elr-15104-Blg 18 Stack Chair - Chrome W/ Swivel 80F637
# F4B91729

Ecr4Kids Elr-15104-Blg 18 Stack Chair - Chrome W/ Swivel 80F637

224 USD

This item comes in a Set of 5

The 18″ Stack Chairs are available with chrome legs and nylon swivel glides, perfect for hard floors.10-Year (Limited) WarrantyDimension: L 17.5 x W 21 x H 30.25 in. Dimension: L 17.5 x W 21 x H 30.25 in. Dimension: L 17.5 x W 21 x H 30.25 in.

The leg-to-frame fit allows for better stacking; can stack 15 chairs vertically with no tip-safety concerns

Leg and seat angles are designed for better fit and comfort for adults, adding a slight tilt-back to the seat

No penetration of screws through the seat surface

Innovative school stack chair in 18″ features a molded seat with vented back, reinforced ribbing in back and under seat for strength, steel legs with steel lower back support

80 100