Video shows thieves stealing a locked Tesla in 30 seconds by tricking its computer into thinking they had the key
Teslas have electronic car keys which emit a "friendly" radio signal reaching around two meters. Thieves often amplify it to trick cars into opening.

Astronomers Create 8 Million Baby Universes Inside a Computer and Watch Them Grow. Here's What They Learned.
A team of astrophysicists has just spawned 8 million unique universes inside a supercomputer and let them evolve from just tots to old geezers. Their goal? To nail down the role that an invisible ...

To power AI, startup creates a giant computer chip
SAN FRANCISCO — The largest computer chips would usually fit in the palm of your hand. Some could rest on the tip of your finger. Conventional wisdom says anything bigger would be a problem. Now a ...

Computer Simulation Just Predicted a Huge Measles Outbreak in Texas, With 4,000 Percent Increase Predicted in Some Communities
Texas could be hit by large measles outbreaks in which up to 400 people fall ill at a time, according to a forecast by researchers investigating low vaccine rates. Between 2003 and 2018, the number of ...

ADOT: Computer outage affecting all MVD offices in Arizona
A computer outage was affecting all Motor Vehicle Division offices in Arizona on Wednesday afternoon, the Arizona Department of Transportation said. Technicians were working on solving the problem as ...

Steve Jobs left Apple to start a new computer company. His $12-million failure saved Apple.
Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985 and started a new computer company called NeXT. The operating system became the foundation for Mac OS X.

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