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200 Slim Solid Orange Color Single Dvd Cases 7Mm 87021F
# 848E24546

200 Slim Solid Orange Color Single Dvd Cases 7Mm 87021F

63 USD

Slim Single DVD case 7mm

Approximate Dimensions: External: 135.00×190.00×7.00mm Inches: 5 3/8″ x 7 ½″ x ¼″ Spine: 7.00mm (¼ inches)

The push button hub design varies between manufacturers often with a hinge mechanism

Holds the disc securely on the hub preventing it from sliding off

This Slim Single DVD case is half as thick as standard DVD case

DVD Case with clear plastic insert just like the all regular DVD Case. With transparent outer film for inlay insert. Push button for maximum security. Literature clipsFull sleeve for artworkHigh quality plastic durable for all storage needs

DVD cases are often used as well for CD packaging

94 100