Isolated Iceland newly vulnerable to computer scams
"Hi, I hope you are not busy?" The treasurer of the Icelandic soccer club Afturelding got the email from his manager late in the afternoon, soon before banks were about to close. The words “Sent from ...

How to convert a PNG image file to JPG on a Mac computer using the Preview app
It's easy to convert a PNG to JPG on a Mac computer by reformatting the file type in the Preview app. Here's how to do it.

Bringing Computer Vision Systems To Perfection: Five Keys To Success
As the CTO of a company that has developed an innovative gun detection system, I found that the creation of a computer vision solution able to monitor countless data streams in real time is a nonstop ...

IBM computer stars in Cambridge debate on the dangers of AI
IBM's fast-talking AI machine was the major attraction of a sell-out debate at Cambridge University on Thursday. But while it might have been responsible for drawing the crowds, it didn't quite match ...

How to delete pages from a PDF on your Mac computer, or add pages in 2 ways
You can delete pages from a PDF on a Mac using the Preview app. You can also add pages to a PDF in two ways with Preview.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and President Trump toured a Texas computer factory to tout US manufacturing
Trump touched on the hearings in the briefing with the media. The plant toured on Wednesday, operated by Flex, assembles the Mac Pro, a high-end computer that starts at $6,000. A previous model of the ...

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