National Solitaire Day is May 22 — we asked experts why the computer game is so addictive
National Solitaire Day is May 22. Solitaire has been a staple of digital gaming since 1990, when Microsoft introduced it to personal computers as a way to teach people how to use a mouse. We asked ...

How to change your desktop background on a Mac computer to any image, in 4 different ways
Not in love with Apple's customary mountain range, or night sky wallpapers? No problem! It's quick and easy to give your Mac a customized look by changing the desktop background image to something you ...

Streem acquires U.K. computer vision startup Selerio to bring ‘smart AR’ to phone cameras
Streem, a Portland-based company that aims to use augmented reality to help people and companies communicate better, has acquired a computer vision startup and brought in some new funding. Streem ...

Streem Acquires Computer Vision Startup Selerio, Closes Additional Funding
Streem, an AR startup based in Portland, OR, announced today that it had acquired UK-based computer vision and machine learning startup Selerio, Ltd., which spun out of research from the University of ...

The pun-loving computer programs that write adverts
Machines are now writing advertising copy as well as basic news reports, but are their efforts any good and can they be taught to be more inventive? "Have a suite stay" read an ad for a hotel offering ...

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