'Infertile' Stourbridge renal patient has healthy baby
A woman with kidney disease who was told she could never have children has given birth to a "miracle" baby girl. Ellie Pierce-Oliver, 28, from Stourbridge, West Midlands, had dialysis for three hours ...

Average Michigan opioid patient got 62-day supply in 2018. CDC standard is less than a week.
Less than a week of opioid use creates a risk of long-term dependence on the drug, experts say. Yet Michigan residents consumed enough opioids in 2018 for every man, woman and child in the state to ...

U.K. Firm Creates 'Operating System' To Handle Massive Genomic Patient Data Sets
Every aspect of our existence on this planet is being digitized. We’re making work digital on every desktop, we’re empowering digital sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT) on every street corner, we ...

Children's Hospital Eases Patient Angst, Enlightens Donor Base Through Virtual Reality
Child life specialist Amanda Banker, right, meets with a young mother and her infant daughter at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, which is pioneering a new virtual reality patient room.

New way to help dermatologists determine patient's risk of developing melanoma
University of Queensland scientists have identified a way to help dermatologists determine a patient's risk of developing melanoma. UQ Diamantina Institute researcher Associate Professor Rick Sturm ...

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