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Machine Stretch Wrap-20 X 6000' X 75 Ga-40 Rolls 0653C9
# 674C13126

Machine Stretch Wrap-20 X 6000' X 75 Ga-40 Rolls 0653C9

2 674 USD

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The various types of Machine Stretch Wrap that we distribute is cast, blown, down gauge, color cast, vented, netted, and VCI

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As for functioning, our Machine Stretch Wrap is void of performing with any causes of hang-ups like extreme tack, loose wind or nagging dents which slows conversion and wrapping processes down

Whatever is the most beneficial for you, our customer, we attempt to be adequate and necessary for that cause

What you will experience from our Machine Stretch Wrap is a tight wind, easy slit capability and exact 3″ core diameter size so that your tasks are not hindered but complimented for your success

Depending on certain specification requirements, we have also been a source for custom machine wrap orders too. We offer this wrap in favorable quantities that are helpful for single roll orders up to 40 rolls per pallet orders too

92 100