People with disabilities face mobility challenges in downtown Portland construction zones
Because I do see some signage there but I don't know it's to go across this way." Campbell says alternate routes aren't always accessible to people in wheelchairs or with mobility devices, and she ...

Verra Mobility to Acquire Pagatelia, European Leader Facilitating Interoperable Tolling in Four Countries, Accelerating Expansion Across Europe
PHOENIX, Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Verra Mobility (VRRM), a global leader in smart transportation, today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Spanish company Pagatelia, a European ...

OTL #679: Real-life stories of disability, Letter to the Mayor about mobility justice in Chicago
Mike Stephen talks to Pia Justesen, author of a new book called From the Periphery: Real-Life Stories of Disability that is an oral history of those living with disabilities and then discusses ...

Toyota unveils vision for electrified compact (very compact) personal mobility
TOKYO — Toyota Motor Corp. will unveil its vision for electrified personal mobility at this month's Tokyo Motor Show with a lineup of compact battery-powered runabouts. And compact is the operative ...

Is Urban Air Mobility Part of Business Aviation's Future?
Urban air mobility evangelists would have you believe it is an entirely modern concept in a hurry to establish itself as part of the fabric of 21st-century life. However, others would say it’s not ...

Action Products Commuter Cushion, 20 W X 20 D, Each 99Bdd3
# Fba66618

Action Products Commuter Cushion, 20 W X 20 D, Each 99Bdd3

109 USD

Action Products Commuter Cushion offers basic pressure and shear reduction for low risk users at an affordable price

Comes with basic cover

Combined half-inch Akton polymer, one and three-fourth inch thick foam are sealed in a waterproof film barrier to guard against incontinence permeation

86 100