Last year, Tesla initiated 'Project Titan' — a stealth nationwide program to replace solar panel parts that could cause fires
Project Titan was supposed to quietly replace defective solar panel connectors and optimizers across the country. Then Walmart sued.

Fort Worth defense contractor charged with felony for using cheap, substandard parts for U.S. tanks, other weapons
His latest company, Vista Machining Co., has supplied the Pentagon with parts for tanks, aircraft and other military equipment — mostly hardware and machined metals — since 2008. But inspectors said ...

Rowan University receives $14.5M to help develop next generation equipment for the military
U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory is hoping the research will result in military equipment that is stronger ... process allows us to then look at parts for ...

Room Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Adapter 73Ca29
# Eb4A11090

Room Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Adapter 73Ca29

64 USD

This exhaust hose adapter (part number CJNT-A001JBKZ) is for room air conditioners.Exhaust hose adapter CJNT-A001JBKZ fits on the end of the exhaust hose, and connects the hose to the room air conditioner at one end and to the window exhaust port at the other end.Follow the instructions in your owner's manual when installing this part.

80 100