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Medline Equagel Adjustable Cushion, Equagel Cushion, 18 W X 16 7D005D
# D0C518261

Medline Equagel Adjustable Cushion, Equagel Cushion, 18 W X 16 7D005D

220 USD

Medline EquaGel Adjustable Cushion assists in positioning and maintaining the posture

It adopts dual-layer structure and Micro-Immersion technology to redistribute the pressure, which cradles boney areas

Soft and supportive revolutionary grid structure adjusts to every move of the user. EquaGel Adjustable Cushion Highlights: Made of patented polymer gelGreen cushion with black coverIncludes 2 gel inserts for customized therapyWeight capacity: 300 lbs2.5″ thickWaterproof

EquaGel Cushion features open-cell design and cooling gel to reduce heat and moisture

82 100