New computer program can help crack precision medicine
Researchers from ANU have helped develop a new computer program to find out a person's genetic make-up, bringing us a step closer to an era of precision medicine. The program, called Flye ...

National Solitaire Day is May 22 — we asked experts why the computer game is so addictive
From desktop computers to phones and tablets, solitaire has been has been a mainstay of digital gaming since Microsoft introduced it to personal computers in 1990. Originally integrated into Microsoft ...

Child porn found on man’s hard drive at computer repair shop, police say
GENESEE TWP, MI – A 49-year-old Flint man faces multiple charges after images of children were found on a computer hard drive being repaired, police said. Timothy Douglas Gray was arraigned May 7 in ...

The 'Jurassic Park' computer company just got sold for $1.3 billion
New York (CNN Business)Cray has been synonymous with supercomputing for nearly half a century. Now the legendary tech company is joining the business that pioneered Silicon Valley: HP Enterprise. HPE ...

Computer Composes Song Based on Hundreds of Eurovision Entries
A duet written by a computer program that had analyzed hundreds of Eurovision songs was performed by an artificial voice and Israel’s first Eurovision winner, Izhar Cohen, and was released days ahead ...

NMSU ranks in Top 25 for enrolling, graduating women in computer science
Angela Kearns, left, Gabriella Garcia, Catalina Sanchez-Maes, Elena Davidson, are seen in the Science Hall Computer Lab on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. New Mexico State University's Computer Science ...

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