Facebook stored millions of unencrypted passwords on its computer servers
Facebook on Thursday said it had for years stored millions of user passwords in plain text, explaining that it discovered the security lapse as part of a "routine" review last month. Security ...

A Crowd of Computer Scientists Lined Up for Bill Gates—But it Was Gavin Newsom That Got Them Buzzing
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The U.S. Will Get the World's First Exascale Computer in 2021
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Computer games backlash boosts The Entertainer profits
The Entertainer toy retailer has cashed in from a parental “backlash” against computer games, sending profits up by a third. Gary Grant, founder and executive chairman, said the chain had benefited ...

NCAA Tournament 2019 bracket picks and top predictions by proven computer model
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The Computer Scientist Who Wants to Put a Name to Every Face in Civil War Photographs
With a camera in every pocket and facial recognition software built into our smartphones and social networks, it’s sometimes easy to forget that taking photos and identifying faces in them was not ...

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Ideal for video editing, interchanging large amounts of data or maximizing gaming performance

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