'Go old man, go!' Mobility scooter fugitive evades police in low-speed chase
New Zealand police embarked on what may be the world’s slowest chase while attempting to stop a man fleeing them on a mobility scooter. The slow-motion pursuit took place on Wednesday in the small ...

Saturday letters: Mobility, Second Amendment, special session
Regarding “Think you’re wasting a lot of time in traffic? You’re right (Front page, Aug. 22): While Houstonians were gleefully criticizing former Mayor Kathy Whitmire with chants of “Toot, Toot, ...

Free Webinar: How Mobility Is Revolutionizing Transportation and Business
When most people think of the word “mobility,” it means going from point A to point B. As technology advances, so does the way we move people and resources. It goes far beyond self-driving, autonomous ...

Man flees police on mobility scooter in low-speed chase as onlookers cheer 'Go old man!'
A low-speed chase took place in New Zealand between police and a man who was speeding down a sidewalk on his mobility scooter. The viral video shows Charlie Durham, a double amputee, fleeing on a ...

Mobility Scooter Fugitive Leads Police on Low-Speed Chase
A New Zealand man led police on a slow-speed chase on a mobility scooter, chugging along the sidewalk as bystanders yelled "Go, old man, go!" On Wednesday, police in the port city of Timaru on New ...

Educational mobility: Students from working class background half as likely to attend top universities
Students from a working class background are around half as likely to move to a 'golden triangle' university to study for a masters' degree than those with wealthier parents, even if they match ...

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