Fort Worth defense contractor charged with felony for using cheap, substandard parts for U.S. tanks, other weapons
His latest company, Vista Machining Co., has supplied the Pentagon with parts for tanks, aircraft and other military equipment — mostly hardware and machined metals — since 2008. But inspectors said ...

Dealerships can sell more factory parts by improving industry coding in their database
Automotive service and the sale of original equipment-branded parts are increasingly lucrative businesses for automakers and their franchised dealerships. As new-vehicle sales slip, manufacturers and ...

Golf equipment review: Would you pay $200 for a putter shaft?
"It's a step forward in golf equipment technology," Adams says ... If you spent $200 plus parts on a shaft for your driver, you should expect to see a difference in length and accuracy.

Before Buying Russia's S-400, Turkey Made Sure to Have Spare F-16 Parts On Hand
A Bloomberg report says Turkey has been stockpiling parts for F-16s and other military equipment in anticipation of a U.S. sanction for acquiring the Russian S-400 air defense system. Two anonymous ...

Accumulair Diamond Furnace Air Filter, 20 X 25 X 4-In 1F78F3
# 00Fa19104

Accumulair Diamond Furnace Air Filter, 20 X 25 X 4-In 1F78F3

114 USD

The Accumulair Diamond air filter is made with electrostatically charged filter media that captures airborne allergens smaller than 1 micron, such as bacteria, particles that carry viruses, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and fine dust.MERV 13 ratingNo added chemicalsDoesn't support the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria or other microorganisms in normal useMore than 30 times more effective at capturing micro-particles than ordinary fiberglass filtersLasts up to 3 months

81 100