Sanders gets personal after heart attack
And yet I, in the last month or two, just was more fatigued than I usually have been.” If Sanders’s concession was a moment of vulnerability for a candidate who has long portrayed himself as a ...

The Simple Way To Fit Personal Branding Into Your Busy Schedule
My clients tell me that they understand why personal branding is important, and they’re committed to building their brand. And at the same time, they say they’re in a near-constant state of overwhelm, ...

Should Consumers Be Able to Sell Their Own Personal Data?
Two advocates square off over whether consumers will be helped or hurt by being able to own and sell their own data People around the world are confused and concerned about what companies do with the ...

Trump confirms Rudy Giuliani is still his personal lawyer
President Trump said Rudy Giuliani is still his personal lawyer despite previously appearing to distance himself from the former New York City mayor. Speaking with Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro on ...

How to Take a Personal Stake in Your Employees's Development
Avoid both situations by taking the following steps heading into the new year. 1. Create a personal development plan for each employee. Most of the factors that employees view as integral to ...

Opsite Post Operative Dressing 0D75D0
# 71723905

Opsite Post Operative Dressing 0D75D0

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The Smith & Nephew OpSite Post-Operative Dressing is a post-operative dressing combines the advantages of absorbent dressing pad with the highly permeable OpSite IV3000 film to provide a superior dressing

It offers a moist wound healing environment to fast healing.

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