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Hipp Uk Organic Good Night Milk - 350G - 10 9130A9
# 686E22478

Hipp Uk Organic Good Night Milk - 350G - 10 9130A9

285 USD

An especially satisfying follow on milk with added organic cereals for use once a day

- No added wheat, peanut, nut or egg

No added celery / celeriac

Contains soya, milk / lactose

It can be given to your baby in a bottle or a beaker, or combined with a wide range of foods taken from a spoon

Gluten free

This specially formulated blend of high quality organic follow on milk and gluten free cereals (rice and buckwheat) is satisfyingly creamy and an ideal end to a busy, adventure — filled day

It is suitable for babies from 6 months to 3 years of age and can be incorporated into your baby’s bedtime routine, once a day, as an alternative to your baby’s normal follow on milk feed

95 100