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Glamour Bubble Mailers-13 X 17.5 -Silver-500 Pieces Bf9538
# 559613339

Glamour Bubble Mailers-13 X 17.5 -Silver-500 Pieces Bf9538

369 USD

Presentation is the key and Glamour Bubble Mailers is the key to presenting your product promotion or gift

This feature commands the attention of onlookers in a positive way, allowing the receiver to gladly anticipate the inner contents of the package

That’s an awesome attribute that touches the heart and mind of the receiver, due to the significanteffort that was provided and thought out by the sender to make the moment special

Glamour Bubble Mailers are also available for print options too

Glamour Bubble Mailers is a new and innovative shipping/mailing/gift packaging device within the packaging industry

One of the traits that set Glamour Bubble Mailers apart is the exterior metallic gloss feature

Sometimes it’s not the actual item itself that touches an individual, it’s the thoughtfulness that goes into it, and that’s the element of intrigue that Glamour Bubble Mailers releases

The total design ofGlamour Bubble Mailers is solid. The exterior metallic covering safeguards packages from dust, dirt and moisture, while the interior bubble cushioning enables packages to absorb the typical shock, shaking and tossing that occurs on 3rd party transportations services

The advantage of the various colors that are available allows the user to add color scheming to their gift, product or promotional tool

There are not many other online vendors who stock the color variety, size options and bulk quantity amounts that we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are reputed for

For vendors who ship packages regularly this is a huge plus to use these mailers for their advertising enhancement.

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