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Zonestar Zrib Controller Board Motherboard Mainboard Adopt Atmega 2560 Mcu C961Ca
# B67E17242

Zonestar Zrib Controller Board Motherboard Mainboard Adopt Atmega 2560 Mcu C961Ca

51 USD

features an on-board ATmega2560

USB driver chip is CP2012.

The board can use the same firmware as Ramps1.4

Its five motor outputs are powered by A4982 stepper drivers

The input voltage range is 12−24V

It is supplied with a P802N firmware default and you can upload other firmware, such as IDE, Cura etc, through the USB port. Features:A combination of MEGA2560 + RAMPS1.4 + 5 Motor drivers. MEGA compatible for Atmega2560 processors and for all RAMPS classics firmware. Firmware can use the same configuration as RAMPS1.4.Easy DISPLAY + SD-CARD connector, RepRap Discount Smart Controller compatible pin header on board. Support 3D machine upgrade into dual extruders and light engraver. Support upgrade with filament run-out detect and resume function.3 temperature ADC connectors for thermistor.2 Fan control connector and 1 board cooler connector. One of the driver can connect to two Z motors.4 PWM capable power mosfet outputs with 12 — 24V wide voltage range for MainPower.(Bed, Extruder0, Extruder1, Fans)6 endstop connectors Xmin/Xmax/Ymin/Ymax/Zmin/Zmax, with filter capacitor and the pull-up resistor on the board. Recoverable fuse for short-circuit protection

It use CP2012 for USB

81 100