Corvette Taillight Panel Bonding Strip, Right, 1967 53E334
# 7Bee22926

Corvette Taillight Panel Bonding Strip, Right, 1967 53E334

91 USD

  • Reproduction Of Original
  • Press Molded Fiberglass
  • Smooth Finish Front & Back
  • Resin Pigmented To Original Factory Color
NOTE: Use SMC Fiberglass Repair Materials.

For early model Corvettes, Chevrolet used parts called bonding strips to bond body panels together

Next, this taillight panel bonding strip is resin pigmented to the original factory color for an authentic restoration

For a correct restoration or repair using this taillight panel bonding strip assures correct thickness and shape which means they will be as easy to fit and bond in place as the original

And because this taillight panel bonding strip is made from original style polyester materials it can be bonded with the same type of pigmented polyester bonding putty as original to fully complete this phase of the restoration project

To add another layer of authenticity to your restoration many of the bonding strips we offer have the original GM part number on the part as did the original

So, for proper fit, originality and to add value to your Corvette be sure and look to Eckler’s for the best in press molded taillight panel bon

Today, the bonding strips Eckler’s offers are manufactured using the same method

From 1953−1972 Chevrolet created press molded bonding strips by compressing polyester fiberglass and resin between precision made inner and outer molds to produce parts of consistent thickness and with a smooth surface on both sides

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