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The strange automobile appeared to be a three wheeler as some people described it as a cross-over between a small boat and a plane cockpit. Officers said it was the most unusual vehicle they had ever ...

1966 Bronco Front Bucket Seat Covers D173A2
# B0F310957

1966 Bronco Front Bucket Seat Covers D173A2

146 USD

  • Original Sierra Grain Vinyl W/ Rosette Grain Inserts
  • Correct 6 Stitch Per Inch Stitching
  • Correct Colors Matched To The Original Vinyl
  • Manufactured By Distinctive Industries
For your Bronco restoration, you've come to the perfect place! MAC's offers only the finest show-quality Bronco interiors

We compared the components offered by the leading automotive upholstery manufactures and selected each piece based on how close the quality, workmanship, correctness, grain and color matched the original Bronco upholstery

Bronco’s with our Distinctive Industries interior win awards in every show that they enter worldwide

You can order new upholstery for your Bronco from MAC’s with confidence, knowing you’ll receive Distinctive Industries interiors, a trusted name in interior restoration products.

All our Distinctive Industries interiors are proudly made in the USA using materials that meet or exceed the original factory specifications

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