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United Scientific Supplies Hms1500-2000, Heating Mantles W/stirrer 7F3960
# C5317917

United Scientific Supplies Hms1500-2000, Heating Mantles W/stirrer 7F3960

319 USD

United Scientific Supplies, HMS1500-2000, Heating Mantles with Stirrer, 2000ml, 470W HMS1500 series Mantles feature stirring capability (50 – 750 RPM)

Each unit features a fuse that can be easily replaced

No need for a separate external control unit! Mantles are designed to securely hold flasks so that the top half of the flask is easily visible during operation

The units are not waterproof, and are rated as IP code 10 equipment

Each unit is supplied with a magnetic stir bar

Power (from 0 — 100%) and stir speed (50 — 750 RPM) are controlled from 2 separate knobs that are built-into the unit

Care should be taken to avoid chemical spillage, overheating, overloading, and general misuse to maximize service life

An outlet tube is built-in for draining any spilled liquids

Elements can be replaced easily

A 4-foot long grounded cord is included

Please refer to the user manual for more information.

Units are designed for long-term use

Heating and stirring functions are independently controlled by 2 separate knobs

Mantles with stirrer feature polyurethane coated aluminum exteriors and a high quality knitted mantle with glass fiber underlay for uniform distribution of heat

Maximum operating temperature is 400 °C

Mantles can be used in a wide range of ambient temperatures, from about 45°F to 100°F, and relative humidity up to 80%

95 100