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Meiji Techno Ml5150, Halogen Trinocular Biological Microscope 322170
# Bb4724568

Meiji Techno Ml5150, Halogen Trinocular Biological Microscope 322170

2 325 USD

Meiji Techno, ML5150, Halogen Trinocular Brightfield Biological Microscope, BF Semi Plan Features: Transmitted light Binocular microscope with DIN standard eyepieces with 20 mm

Flat-Top Mechanical stage with 171 mm and 140 mm rectangular stage with movement of 80 mm (X) x 52 mm (Y) with drop down Ergonomically placed low positioned coaxial controls and a detachable specimen guide.

Reverse facing, quintuple ball bearing smooth operating, revolving nosepiece Flat-Top Mechanical stage with 171 mm and 140 mm rectangular stage with movement of 78 mm (X) x 52 mm (Y) with drop down Achromatic N. A

eye relief Binocular head is inclined at 30 degrees and rotatable 360 degrees Dual graduated diopter eyetubes with interpupillary adjustments of 52 mm

The simplest of all the optical microscopy illumination techniques

1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm and filter carrier Coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment with graduation, reading 2 microns per division with tension adjustment and safety auto focus stop Built-in Koehler illuminator with 6V 30W halogen lamp and variable intensity control Brightfield

The typical appearance of a brightfield microscopy image is a dark sample on a bright background

High resolution DIN Standard SM Plan objectives offer crisp, clear, high contrast images and are offered as part of the standard package

field of view, 22 mm

to 72 mm

The low voltage, high intensity, pre-centered halogen lamp provides high level illumination can be adjusted to maximize the evenness of the bulb illumination and is readily accessible for a quick bulb replacement

Sample illumination is transmitted (i.e., illuminated from below and observed from above) white light and contrast in the sample is caused by absorbance of some of the transmitted light in dense areas of the sample

Brightfield microscopy is the simplest of a range of techniques used for illumination of samples in light microscopes and its simplicity makes it a popular technique

85 100