Flames tear through Northeast Fresno home, family make it out safely
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As flames tore through a Northeast Fresno home, neighbors gave thanks for one thing: the family of four living inside was able to get out unharmed. "Homes can be replaced ...

1 month after Carlos Hall was found killed in his home, family wants closure
DETROIT (FOX 2) - The family of Carlos Hall wants closure a month after his murder. "They miss him, I miss him, we all miss him," said Gwendolyn Jones. "He was a good man and didn't deserve this." ...

Lightning Strike Destroys Guthrie Home; Family Had Just Moved To Oklahoma
A family who had just moved to Oklahoma lost their home in Guthrie Friday morning due to a lightning strike, which caused a fire. News 9's Alex Cameron has the details. Keep up-to-date with everything ...

Dwyer 43000B-500Pa, Series 43000 Pressure Switch Gage 93D7B8
# C4Cc14313

Dwyer 43000B-500Pa, Series 43000 Pressure Switch Gage 93D7B8

919 USD

Dwyer, 43000B-500PA, Series 43000 Capsu-Photohelic® Pressure Switch Gage, Range 0-500 Pa Lo-Limit and Hi-Limit Control, Brass Case Capsu-Photohelic® Switch/Gage function as versatile, highly repeatable pressure switches combined with a precise pressure gage employing the time-proven Magnehelic® gage design

Easy to adjust set point indicators are controlled by knobs located on the gage face

Two phototransistor actuated, DPDT relays are included for low/high limit control

Set points can be interlocked to provide variable deadband — ideal for control of pumps, etc

The Capsu-Photohelic® switch/gage employs an encapsulated sensing element for use with both liquids and gases at pressures to 500 psig

Individual set point deadband is one pointer width — less than 1% of full scale

97 100