Peerless Universal Tilt Wall Mount - 32 To 50 B69494
# F12722215

Peerless Universal Tilt Wall Mount - 32 To 50 B69494

87 USD

The SmartMount® Universal Tilt Wall Mount series offers the most versatile installation features and mounting options

The Easy-Glide™ adaptors hook onto the wall plate for an overall quick, simple, and secure installation.

The open wall plate design offers total wall access, increasing the electrical and cable management options

The display can now simply be installed by a single person with the Hook-and-Hang™ system

Lock the tilt angle at installation to prevent tampering or moving with the IncreLok™ tilt technology

Security screws provided in the ST640 models deter tampering and theft

Horizontal and vertical adjustment abilities allow for post installation leveling and side-to-side positioning, making it easier than ever to find the perfect TV position

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