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Agratronix 08190, Wct-1 Portable Wood Residue Moisture Meter 17Ac4F
# Fa596787

Agratronix 08190, Wct-1 Portable Wood Residue Moisture Meter 17Ac4F

203 USD

Includes: Wood Residue Moisture Tester (08190); Carrying Case (06052); Replacement Cap (06061); Operating instructions

To take a measurement use the necessary amount of wood samples from the debris of a motorized chainsaw

Agratronix 8 190 Features: Accurate moisture tester results for wood chips, wood pellets and wood sawdust from chainsaw debris; Display resolution: 0.1% moisture; Moisture content of the material being tested displayed in weight percent; Automatically calculates the average value of several measurements; Works with one 9 volt battery (not included).

This tester can also measure the moisture content of regular sawdust as well

The measurement range is: 15 — 65% for sawdust (from a motorized chainsaw); 4 — 23% for wood pellets; 6 — 30% for usual sawdust

The tester shows the moisture content of the material in weight percent

WCT-1 Wood Chip Moisture Tester measures the moisture content of firewood, wood pellets and other wood materials

93 100