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All-Star Wine Trio Gift Basket To Ivory-Coast 7685Ae
# 8B8112195

All-Star Wine Trio Gift Basket To Ivory-Coast 7685Ae

650 USD

- Moet Champagne Imperial 750 ml; - Imported High Quality Chardonnay 750 ml;- Imported High Quality Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml;- Mozzarella Cheese 200 gr; - Chocolate Covered Almonds 100 gr;- Herb Crackers 200 gr; - Almond Cookies 200 gr;- Chocolate Caramels 100 gr;- Vanilla Caramels 100 gr;- Cheese Spread Garlic & Herb;- Chocolate Wafers 200 gr;- Natural Honey 300 gr;- Chocolate Chip Cookies 200 gr;- Smoked Salmon 200 gr;- Swiss or Belgian Dark Chocolate Truffles 150 gr;- Fruit & Nut Mix 300 gr;- Swiss or Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar 100 gr;- Swiss or Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar 100 gr;- Big basket;- Gift Wrapping;- Greeting Card.

100 100