Dolphins coach Flores gets personal about social injustice: ‘The player protest, I lived it’
Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores says he was challenging wide receiver Kenny Stills to improve his play when the team blasted eight consecutive Jay-Z songs during a practice earlier this week, ...

The science of addiction: a personal struggle to kick cocaine gives a neuroscientist unique insights
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This 5 Step Personal Development Plan Made Me a Better Entrepreneur
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Dear Annie: We’re tired of our adult son treating us like his personal piggy bank
Dear Annie: I have a 40-year-old son who seems to think I am his personal piggy bank. He did a short time in prison. We have supported him through that and all of the other bad times he has ...

Personal Magnetism
SATURDAY PUZZLE — For some reason, I was struck by the geometry in this Sam Ezersky grid, both explicit, like that inverted cross, and implied, such as by CROP CIRCLE, probably my favorite entry. I ...

Strict Leather Heavy Duty Suspension Cuffs 891667
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Strict Leather Heavy Duty Suspension Cuffs 891667

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